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Self-Starting Control System Diesel Generator Set

Short Description:

The self-starting control system automatically controls the operation/stop of the generator set, and also has manual function; In the standby state, the control system automatically detects the mains situation, automatically starts power generation when the power grid loses power, and automatically exits and stops when the power grid recovers power supply. The whole process begins with loss of power from the grid to power supply from the generator is less than 12 seconds, ensuring continuity of power consumption.

Control system selected Benini (BE), Comay (MRS), deep sea (DSE) and other world leading control modules.

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As a backup power supply, the automatic diesel generator set should have the following basic functions:
(1) Automatic start
When there is a mains failure (power failure, undervoltage, overvoltage, phase loss), the unit can automatically start, automatically raise speed, automatically close and close to supply power to the load.

(2) Automatic shutdown
When the mains recovers, after judging that it is normal, the switch is controlled to complete the automatic switching from power generation to mains, and then the control unit will stop automatically after 3 minutes of slow down and idle operation.

(3) Automatic protection
During the operation of the unit, if the oil pressure is too low, the speed is too high, and the voltage is abnormal, the emergency stop will be made, and the audible and visual alarm signal will be issued at the same time. The sound and light alarm signal is issued, and after delay, the normal shutdown.

(4) Three startup functions
The unit has three start function, if the first start is not successful, after 10 seconds delay start again, if the second start is not successful, the third start after delay. As long as one of the three starts is successful, it will run down according to the pre-set program; If three consecutive starts are not successful, it is regarded as a failure to start, issue an audible and visual alarm signal number, and can also control the start of another unit at the same time.

(5) Automatically maintain the quasi-start state
The unit can automatically maintain the quasi-starting state. At this time, the automatic periodic pre-oil supply system of the unit, the automatic heating system of oil and water, and the automatic charging device of the battery are put into work.

(6) With maintenance boot function
When the unit does not start for a long time, maintenance boot can be performed to check the unit performance and status. Maintenance power-on Does not affect the normal power supply of the mains. If a mains fault occurs during maintenance power-on, the system automatically switches to the normal state and is powered by the unit.

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