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  • Dongfeng Cummins National Third Series Product Introduction

    Dongfeng Cummins National Third Series Product Introduction

    Product characteristics

    Cummins diesel generator set adopts the advanced manufacturing technology of the United States, and the products are synchronous with Cummins technology of the United States and combined with the characteristics of the Chinese market. It is developed and designed with the leading heavy-duty engine technology concept, and has the advantages of strong power, high reliability, good durability, excellent fuel economy, small size, large power, large torque, large torque reserve, strong versatility of parts, safety and environmental protection.

    Patented technology

    Holset turbocharging system. Engine integrated design, 40% less parts, lower failure rate; Forged steel camshaft, journal induction hardening, improve durability; PT fuel system; The rotor high pressure fuel pump reduces fuel consumption and noise; Piston nickel alloy cast iron insert, wet phosphating.

    Proprietary fittings

    The use of advanced materials and manufacturing processes, globally consistent quality standards, excellent quality, excellent performance, to ensure the best performance of the engine and effectively extend the engine life.

    Professional manufacturing

    Cummins has mastered the world’s leading engine manufacturing technology, has established 19 R & D manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, India, Japan, Brazil and China, formed a strong global R & D network, a total of more than 300 test laboratories.