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Outdoor Power Station

  • Low Noise Power Stations Diesel Generator Set

    Low Noise Power Stations Diesel Generator Set

    Generator noise

    Generator noise includes electromagnetic noise caused by magnetic field pulsation between stator and rotor, and mechanical noise caused by rolling bearing rotation.

    According to the above noise analysis of diesel generator set. Generally, the following two processing methods are used for the noise of the generator set:

    Oil room noise reduction treatment or procurement of anti-sound type unit (its noise in 80DB-90dB).

  • The Container Diesel Generator Set

    The Container Diesel Generator Set

    The container diesel generator set is mainly composed of the container frame outer box, the built-in diesel generator set, and combine the special parts. The container diesel generator set adopts the completely closed design and modular combination method, so that it can adapt to the use of various harsh environment requirements, because of its perfect equipment, complete set, coupled with its easy control, safe and reliable transmission, can be widely used in large outdoor, mining and other places.

    The advantages of container diesel generator set:

    1. Beautiful appearance, compact structure. The dimensions are flexible and changeable, and can be tailored to different needs.

    2. Easy to handle. The container is made of high quality metal with dust – and water-resistant paint to avoid external wear. The outline size of the diesel generator set is roughly the same as the outline size of the container, which can be lifted and transported, reducing the transportation cost, and there is no need to book the shipping space during international shipping.

    3. Noise absorption. Compared to more traditional types of diesel generators, container diesel generators have the advantage of being quieter, as containers use soundproof curtains to reduce noise levels. They are also more durable because the containing unit can be protected as an element.

  • Rainproof Generator Set

    Rainproof Generator Set

    Rainproof generator set is a power station developed by scientific design, using advanced technology in the field of acoustics and airflow, and can be configured according to different types of actual environment.

    The rain-proof generator set is mainly covered to prevent rain from entering, even if it is used in the open air when it rains, it also operates as usual. The generator set uses a special rain-proof base, which is provided with a rain-proof cover above it, and is equipped with a rain-proof door, which is installed on the cover and connected with the lower part of the rain-proof door to open or close the telescopic rod of the rain-proof door.Preferably, a rain baffle is arranged above the hinged part of the rain door and the cover , and both sides of the cover are opened with two doors, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to repair or maintain. The rain protection device of the generator set can be well rainproof for the generator set, and the maintenance personnel can also repair the generator set in the rain, speed up the maintenance process, so that the generator set can be put into use again as soon as possible, reduce the power failure time, in order to avoid unnecessary human and financial losses.

    The rain-proof power station is suitable for the construction of open and field fixed places, which can improve the capacity of the unit to prevent rain, snow and sand. It is convenient, quick and easy to operate.