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Control System

  • Self-Starting Control System Diesel Generator Set

    Self-Starting Control System Diesel Generator Set

    The self-starting control system automatically controls the operation/stop of the generator set, and also has manual function; In the standby state, the control system automatically detects the mains situation, automatically starts power generation when the power grid loses power, and automatically exits and stops when the power grid recovers power supply. The whole process begins with loss of power from the grid to power supply from the generator is less than 12 seconds, ensuring continuity of power consumption.

    Control system selected Benini (BE), Comay (MRS), deep sea (DSE) and other world leading control modules.

  • Dual Power Control System (ATS)

    Dual Power Control System (ATS)

    To realize the automatic switching between two power sources (mains and power generation, mains and power generation, power generation and power generation), to ensure the user’s continuous power requirements, with automatic operation, mechanical, electrical double interlocking function.

  • Parallel Operation Control System

    Parallel Operation Control System

    Two or more generating units or between the parallel operation with the utility, (using the United States GAC parallel controller and load distributor), users can choose the capacity and number of units according to the power consumption, saving fuel and saving investment.

    The control system is classified as manual parallel system. Fully automatic parallel system.