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Dual Power Control System (ATS)

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To realize the automatic switching between two power sources (mains and power generation, mains and power generation, power generation and power generation), to ensure the user’s continuous power requirements, with automatic operation, mechanical, electrical double interlocking function.

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First,the function of ATS
ATS is also known as ATSE, the national standard Chinese full name for automatic switch electrical appliances, commonly known as dual power automatic switch. The national standard of ATS products is defined as one (or several) conversion switch appliances and other necessary electrical appliances, used to detect the power circuit, and automatically convert one or more load circuits from one power supply to another power supply electrical appliances. ATS is easily confused with UPS and EPS in name. EPS is the Chinese name for emergency power device. ATS Chinese name automatic switching switch. ATS is suitable for dual power supply of critical loads such as fire fighting in the construction field, EPS is suitable for EPS to solve the primary load power supply equipment such as emergency lighting, accident lighting, fire fighting facilities as the main goal, to provide an emergency power supply system with an independent loop that meets the fire code. UPS is mainly used to provide power for IT industry equipment, providing pure and uninterrupted backup power. The diesel generator power supply mode is suitable for use with ATS, EPS and UPS in power supply places that require long-term backup power.Dual power supply, is a set of switch and logic control in one, without additional controller, truly realize mechatronic automatic transfer switch, with voltage detection, frequency detection, communication interface, electrical, mechanical interlock and other functions, can achieve automatic, electric remote, emergency manual control. The operation is by the logic control board to manage the operation of the motor and transmission with various logic commands to achieve the motor driven switch spring energy storage, instantaneous release of the acceleration mechanism, quickly connected to the breaking circuit or circuit conversion, through the obvious visible state to achieve safety isolation, greatly improving the electrical and mechanical performance. The switch is suitable for the automatic conversion of the main power supply and the standby power supply of the power supply system or the automatic conversion and safety isolation of two load devices. The transfer switch is mainly used for AC 50Hz, rated voltage 440V, DC rated voltage 220V, rated current 16 to 4000A distribution or motor network in the main one standby or mutual standby power switching system and the load switching of mains and generator sets. At the same time, it can be used for the isolation of infrequent connecting and disconnecting circuits and lines. Products are widely used in fire, hospitals, banks, high-rise buildings and other important power supply places do not allow power supply, distribution systems and automation systems. Automatic changeover switches comply with GB14048.3-2008 “Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment Part 3: Switches, isolators, isolating switches and fuses combination electrical appliances”, GB/T14048.11-2008 “Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment Part 6: Multi-functional electrical appliances/automatic changeover switches”.

Second, the main function
(1) Continuous operation with load
(2) Power failure detection
(3) Start the standby power supply
(4) Load switching
(5) Sense of normal power supply restoration
(6) Load switch back to normal power supply

Third, dual power automatic conversion system features
(1) Using dual-row composite contacts, cross-connecting mechanism, micro-motor pre-energy storage and micro-electronic control technology, basically achieve zero arc (no arc cover);
(2) The use of reliable mechanical and electrical interlocking technology;
(3) Adopt zero-crossing technology;
(4) With obvious on-off position indication, padlock function, reliable isolation between power and load, high reliability, service life of more than 8000 times;
(5) electromechanical integrated design, accurate switch conversion, flexible, reliable electromagnetic compatibility, strong anti-interference ability, no external interference, high automation program;
(6) Automatic type does not need any external control components beautiful appearance, small size, light weight by the logic control board, with different logic to manage the motor directly installed in the switch, the dynamic operation of the gearbox to ensure the switch position. The motor is a polyneoprene insulated wet thermal motor equipped with safety devices, tripping when humidity exceeds 110 ° C and overcurrent state. After the fault disappears, it is automatically put into work, and the reversible reduction gear adopts straight gear.

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